About Us

MCP Group LLC was formed by three seasoned professionals who combined decades of experience and know-how to create a dynamic enterprise positioned to take on a wide array of construction-related needs.

With more than 60 years of combined domestic and international experience in design, engineering, architecture, construction, project management and consulting, MCP Group has incorporated the experience of Entech’s well-known design professionals to uniquely integrate a wide range of skills, creating a comprehensive all-inclusive approach that not only entails all facets of the design, engineering and construction processes (for both interiors and exteriors), but ensures a streamlined approach that is not only seamless and fast paced, but cost effective and on budget as well.

We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do as we focus on our partners’ success.

We are proud solution providers.

Our sister company Entech-PR is an engineering and design services firm active in multiple sectors

We invite you to explore our work and learn what ENTECH has to offer.

Signature Projects

Our design and building expertise covers an extensive array of industrial sectors. From shopping centers, supermarkets and restaurants, to warehouses, office buildings, marine facilities, schools and telecommunications centers, this includes a wide range of high-profile projects:

Some of our clients

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